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Physical Appearance

Blonde, Black, Black & Tan

The Hovawart is a beautiful and unique dog that often peaks the curiosity of those who encounter one. “Hovi” owners are frequently asked what mix could possibly yield such a dog, and invariably our explanation of the purebred Hovawart is met with “a Hova-what?”

The Hovawart is a medium-sized dog (32-45 kg) of commanding stature with a shapely and elongated silhouette. Males generally measure between 63 to 70 cm at the withers and females between 58 to 65cm. In addition to the difference in size, other marked differences between sexes include the shape of the head, the snout and the overall build of the dog. Their dark brown eyes give the breed a soft, soulful look; complementing their well-tempered nature.

A Hovawart’s fur is medium in length with a slightly glossy and wavy texture, and rests atop a minimal undercoat. They also boast longer hair at their chest, belly, on the posterior surface of the forelegs and thighs as well as along the tail. The standard Hovawart coat comes in one of three colours: blonde, black or black and tan.

As a rustic breed, our aim has been to preserve its natural appearance. A weekly brush of a Hovawart’s coat is generally sufficient for maintenance. 

For more details on the breed standard, please consult the FCI breed standard. 

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