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2018 IHF Meeting, Montélimar, France

The International Hovawart Federation (IHF) is an organisation based on the welfare and development of the Hovawart. It has been created to ensure that all members would have the same vision for the breed. At the moment, the membership is composed of 16 breed clubs from 16 countries within Europe and North America.

The major goals of the IHF are:

  • To maintain only one Hovawart type that is universal, with no country-specific differences;

  • To maintain the Hovawart in accordance with the breed standard as a healthy and spirited working dog;

  • To promote contact and exchange expert knowledge between the Hovawart Clubs;

  • To exchange breeding data;

  • To arrange joint events;

  • To promote cooperation in all areas concerning the Hovawart breed.

As a member of the IHF, our Club can now effectively represent Canadian breeders in this body, guide transactions with member countries (stud dogs, lineage information, etc.), promote breeding practices in line with the IHF standard and thus contribute to the protection and good development of the breed in Canada.

In two years, we will need to apply as a full member but until then, we benefit from all the knowledge and information of this organisation; we have access to their database; we are invited at their annual meeting, and participants to our annual breed specialties can also get points to earn IHF champion titles in addition to the Canadian Kennel Club points and champion titles.

At the present the below Hovawart organisations from 16 countries are members in IHF.

  • Austria: Österreichischer Klub der Hovawartfreunde (ÖKHF)

  • Belgium: Belgischer Hovawart-Club/Club Belge du Hovawart (BHC/CBH)

  • Canada: Hovawart Club of Canada/Club Canadien du Hovawart (HCC/CCH)

  • Czech Republic: Hovawart Klub České republiky (HKCR)

  • Denmark: Dansk Hovawart Klub (DHK)

  • Finland: Suomen Hovawart (SH)

  • France: Club Français du Hovawart (CFH)

  • Germany: Rassezuchtverein für Hovawart-Hunde (RZV)

  • Great Britain: Hovawart Club of Great Britain (HCGB)

  • Hungary: Hovawart Klub

  • Italy: Hovawart Club Italia (HCI)

  • Netherlands: Hovawartclub Nederland (HCN)

  • Norway: Norsk Hovawart Klub (NHK)

  • Slovakia: Slovenský Hovawart Klub (SHK)

  • Sweden: Svenska Hovawartklubben (SvHK)

  • USA: Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA)

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