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2022 Hovawart Breed Specialty


Sigrid Darting-Entenmann


Speaking Language: German, English

Annual Breed Specialty

August 6 & 7 2022

Mont-Tremblant (Quebec)


We are pleased this year to great Sigrid Darting-Entenmann as our judge for our 2020 Annual Specialty Show and Temperament Test. We will benefit from her extensive experience not only as a judge, but also as a long time breeder of Hovawarts and an active and prominent member of the RZV and the IHF. 


Sigrid was born and raised in Palatina, one of Germany’s wine regions. After spending some time in Heidelberg and Vancouver, she went back to her region where she still lives with her husband and her current dog Buri von der Schwarzen Prinzessin. Although she studied law, she began a career with the RZV organizing regional conformation shows. For the last 15 years, she has been in charge of the Stud Book and is responsible for all the paperwork concerning breeding. She is currently vice-president of the RZV and also sits on the IHF Board where she oversees the organization’s data base.


Sigrid has been a judge for the RZV since 1996 and her credentials are recognized by the VDH and FCI. She has been invited to judge in most European countries as well as in the US and Ukraine. She has also helped Hovawart clubs develop their Temperament Test. 

Her family runs a winery and was looking for a guard dog. This is how she came across the breed. Her first VDH-dog was Babsie vom Biebertal. She was born in December 1986 and Sigrid has been a RZV member ever since. She started breeding with Babsie and the A-litter was born in 1989. She kept a black and tan male from that litter and later on a daughter sired by this male, Horka vom Campemoor. This female produced three litters (C-D-E). With Horka’s daughter, Eris vom Schlangenweiher, Sigrid had her F-Litter and her current young bitch Buri is a great-grand-daughter of Fine (female of her F-Litter). Buri is now 2 years old and Sigrid says that she and her dog have a lot of fun doing all kinds of work together.

Buri von der Schwarzen Prinzessin 18 - c

She has been training and competing in IPO for many years.

She wrote us that she is looking forward to meet the Canadian Hovawart population and we are delighted that she has so graciously accepted our invitation. It will be a treat to show her our dogs! 

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