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Hovawart Specialty in Canada

We are pleased to welcome Gill Stockton and her assistant, Ann Travis, from Great Britain

Gill Stockton, Judge

Gill Stockton has 34 years of experience with the Hovawart breed.  She has judged for several years both home and abroad, mainly Scandinavia but also Netherlands and Belgium.  Gill has judged twice at Crufts The largest dog show in the world, and also twice for the Hovawart Club of Great Britain.

Gill was a founding member of the Hovawart Club of Great Britain and has served as an officer or committee member ever since.  She served as the International Hovawart Federation (IHF) representative for many years and has shown dogs in German, Dutch and Belgian club shows.

Gill's first Hovawart was a blond male acquired in 1982 from the second litter born in the UK. A few years later, she adopted a female Hovawart needing a home and shortly thereafter Gill imported from the Netherlands another female, this one challenging her in new ways with a stronger temperament than the first two.

Gill as bred four litters, keeping one from each.  Almost all her dogs have lived well into their teens. Her current dogs are Chalkie (11 year-old black male and Lottie (a 12-month old black and tan female), whose grandmother is Chalkie's sister.

Ann Travis, Assistant

Ann is an experienced Hovawart owner, breeder and dog show handler.  Since acquiring her first Hovawart in 1992, Ann has owned 7 in all three colors, both male and female.

She has shown her Hovawarts in England, Holland and Belgium.  And was awarded Best of Breed twice at Crufts (2003 and 2005); Best in show twice at the Hovawart Club of Great Britain (2001 and 2004); and Best Bitch at the Hovawart Club of Nederland show (2004).

Ann has bred 10 litters over the years, with her most recent being last year (2016).

Currently, Ann has three Hovawarts - all black females (a mother and her two daughters).  She was first introduced to Hovawarts at her local dog club where a friend had a puppy from one of the first litters born in England.

Though Ann has not shown her dogs very much lately, she attends most shows with Gill Stockton and her puppy (from Ann's litter).  She has also served on the Hovawart club of Great Britain committee for many years.

Gill Stockton and Lottie, April 2017

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Wales, Open Show

Ann Travis, Gill Stockton and Chalkie

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