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First Annual Breed Specialty, Mont-Tremblant, Québec

The First Annual Breed Specialty Show of the Hovawart Club of Canada on August 12-13, 2017 was a terrific success.  In the beautiful setting of Mont-Tremblant, Québec, 15 dogs and approximately 30 participants made it a memorable event for all attendees.


The Show Committee is indebted to our judge, Gill Stockton, and her assistant Ann Travis, both from Great Britain. Gill and Ann's knowledge, guidance, and passion for the breed ensured the success of this historic event - The first Hovawart Show organized in Canada by a Canadian Hovawart Breed Club!

A Big thanks to our hosts Annie Lambert and Michel Fortin, who tended to every detail of the show preparation and execution.  Our sincere gratitude to the Event Committee: Michel Roy, Raymonde Roy, Hélène Dandurand and Chantal Gougeon for their time, expertise and commitment to the club, its members and the show.  A special thanks to Michelle Land, Meagan Lydan and Pierre Côté for their help in show communications.  Most importantly, thank you to all the participants, volunteers and others, who were essential to the event.

In the words of Mr. Ulf Westbloom "it was a job motivated by love and we did it to bring Hovawart owners from across the country together". Ulf is a passionate friend of the Hovawart breed and an HCC club member.  He wrote this wonderful quote a couple of years ago and it continues to be relevant today.

Here are show results and pictures.



1st: Szoke Tiszaparti Bill (Zander) - Leslie Volante, Mary Doucette

2nd: Hovaheart's Apollo (Priam) - Margaret Sparrow

3rd: Marvel du Menhir des Selkies (Marvel) - Chantal Gougeon


1st: Hovaheart's Clover (Clover), Mary Leister

2nd: Darline Gracianna Volante (Dee-Sha), Martin Gillespie


1st: Hovaheart's Astrid (Zanie) - Donna Nugent

2nd: DelNova's A Touch of Sass (Zoey) - Joe Mack

3rd: Dheelis Grofje Celjski (Dyla) - Nensi Hart


Szoke Tiszaparti Bill (Zander) - Leslie Volante, Mary Doucette


Gill Stockton


Hovaheart's Astrid (Zanie), Donna Nugent

BEST IN SHOW : Hovaheart's Astrid (Zanie) - Donna Nugent

BEST OF OPOSITE SEX : Szoke Tiszaparti Bill (Zander) - Leslie Volante, Mary Doucette

Mary Doucette and Timothy Petrtisch handlers of Zanie and Zander


All participants passed their temperament test.

Congratulations to all of them!

Darline Gracianna Volante (Dee-Sha), 

Martin Gillespie

Hovaheart's Astrid (Zanie), 

Donna Nugent

Hovaheart's Chaemus (Chaemus), 

Mary Leister

Hovaheart's Clover (Clover), 

Mary Leister

Dheelis Grofje Celjski (Dyla), 

Nensi Hart

Marvel du Menhir des Selkies (Marvel) 

Chantal Gougeon

Belladante's Orion True Gentleman Jack

Annie Lambert

Enormous Let's Dance (Lares), 

Olga Babkina

Alcron Bohaemic (Zeus), 

Donna Nugent

Manjaro de Lavillaroy (Monty), 

Pierre Côté

Hovaheart's Apollo (Priam), 

Margaret Sparrow


Pictures by Michel Fortin

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